julien garnier | designer

After a brief introduction to architecture and then industrial design studies, the desire to create something personal was too strong. I spent two years as a freelance designer and as a professor in a preparatory school introducing design. A discussion with a childhood friend (named something like Serguei…) transformed this desire into reality. Sharing the same way of thinking, we became associates by evidence. Puzz'le was born. Design is a philosophy, a way of thinking. Being able to materialize this on a daily basis into physical objects while persisting in a vision that is ours is pretty enjoyable. Isn’t it?

serguei malanitchev | web designer

Since the earliest days of my life I had the chance to have my hands on computers and felt it was meant for me. A few years later, I followed that strong feeling and turned to computer science and engineering studies, while at the same time picking up my first web skills “just for the fun of it”. While still studying, I already started working as a freelance IT “specialist” which I wasn’t completely at that time. But that allowed me to have a first look into the professional world and I knew that I would follow that freelance road for the rest of my life. As the years went by Julien had developed a few project and had the unique chance to show them in Milan. He came to me asking for my help with his web site which was non-existent at that time. Spending a “few” hours working on it, we both realized that we had way too many common points on what we wanted to do with our lives. That marked a new beginning for puzz’le design, which became an idea, a way of thinking, a philosophy clearer than ever before either for me or Julien.

richard catenazzi | web developer

After obtaining a degree in mathematics at the University of Geneva and a decade of teaching, the desire to use computers more thoroughly pushed me towards studying diverse web oriented programming languages. My main interest is day-to-day or enterprise web-apps use. After working together on a few projects with Julien and Serguei, we realized that we shared the same passion and ideas. Therefore they asked me if I was interested in joining them. Which I gladly accepted to keep on working and developing new concepts together.

anne carrard | project manager

Since my childhood I’ve had thousands ideas and whishes in the blink of an eye. At first I decided to channel my energy by obtaining a drama degree, follow by a rich television and radio experience. But that wasn’t enough. It took me a total immersion in the design world through a magazine that I put in place to close the talent of Puzz’le down, thus allowing them to use my ideas and experience to their advantage. I settled down since they took me in but I’m still brimming with ideas.

about us

Is simple complicated? Why make it simple when it can be complicated? Why complicate things by making your work simple? We made the choice to sweat over our work to make it clean: get rid of anything that is meaningless and obtain a clear visibility of what is really important avoiding illusionistic effects. It’s not an art of reduction, but a minimal representation, as it is limited to the basics and suffers no frills. We believe that essentialism requires sobriety, hence a more affordable aesthetic.

This guideline binds us through two segments: design 2d (web & graphic design) and design 3d (furniture, objects & scenography).