Modular is the key word.

Everything is designed in a flexible way.

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Puzz’le brings people and objects together. Like the missing piece that is often lacking, it follows the changing contours of desires and imagination. It goes beyond the constraints imposed on objects, which are too often reduced strictly to single purpose use.



Objects are a means of expression too. We believe that the freedom to use them as you please is key to making them your own. The only limit? Your imagination.

Each object adapts, changes, transforms and fits into your lifestyle. Everything is thought out in a flexible way, with “modular” being the key word.

Discovering new arrangements and unusual uses is, for us, the reward for a job well done. We learn from each encounter, from each exchange and we believe that design is in fact the marriage of sharing, listening and respecting each person’s originality.


One detail that changes everything.

We pay particular attention to every detail and never get tired of improving an object until it reaches the standards we have set for ourselves. We particularly like to think about the small details, those that may seem insignificant but which, when part of a bigger picture and without really paying attention, fundamentally change our perception of things.


Produced locally. Ethically sourced.

Behind the concept lies a reality. The reality of a fragile planet and excessive consumption. It is time to move back to local means of production and to renewable, non-toxic and non-polluting materials. Puzz'le is committed to developing long-lasting products while ensuring that they have a minimal impact on the environment.

We optimise the use of recycled and recyclable materials, certified wood from controlled forests, natural oil as well as water-based varnishes and inks. We work on our packaging to reduce the volume as best as we can and to ensure, where possible, that each component can be recycled.

The geographical location and ethics of our suppliers, manufacturers and partners are important criteria when it comes down to the production of our objects. Puzz'le favours short supply chains as well as local production that respects ethical working conditions.


Long-term relationships.

Promoting a constructive exchange with manufacturers and developing a close and long-lasting partnership are the basis of a healthy and pleasant working relationship. We have chosen to center our production in the French speaking part of Switzerland simply because proximity helps dialogue, favours short circuits and supports the local businesses. Proud of our products, we are members of Swiss Label. The crossbow, quality label, can be seen on all our objects made in Switzerland, symbolizing Swiss products and Swiss tradition.

We also work closely with Portugal. The choice of Amorim in Porto was a natural one because of their mastery of cork and composite materials. This collaboration gave birth to Jack, an object 100% biodegradable that offers an alternative solution to conventional plastic.

Concerned about the negative effects of overproduction, we adapt our production volumes to the demand. This is why some objects are made in small series, thereby acquiring a certain rarity.

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