design 3d | bags

design julien garnier | idea anne carrard | pictures jean luc andrianasolo

Use one bag or several, put them on branches, on the wall or on the floor and use them as you need. Indeed, the system is modular. From the smallest tree of a single bag up to a maximum of six bags, it will fit anyone’s needs and space. A solid ash-tree structure can be used to support bags on its branches. Made of soft and washable bioplastic, bags are 100% recyclable. Each element is detachable. They can be emptied or carried separately. The rigidity of the bags ensures stability and easy handling. The bags are available in six different colors.

bags W300 D150 H325

structures S W210 D210 H505 | M W210 D210 H855 | L W210 D210 H1205

FSC ash wood, 100% recyclable bioplastic